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Chassis customization

Fanlong has a large-scale high-precision CNC punching machine, laser, bending equipment and a skilled processing team, providing efficient and fast industrial chassis OEM/ODM customized solutions.

Achieve non-standard, diversified, and small-batch production, standardize industrial chassis technology, product parts, and serialization, so as to realize the quick and flexible combination of standard products and non-standard products, and meet the diverse small-batch customization needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Custom advantages

  • Minimum order

    Minimum order

    One-stop service for complete set of product processing, spraying and silk screen printing, single piece and batch can be customized
  • Sample in 7 days

    Sample in 7 days

    It only takes 7 days from receiving the request to designing the sample, and updating or redesigning the design according to the special needs of the customer
  • 15 days shipping

    15 days shipping

    Product production will be shipped within 15 days as soon as possible, and the entire process of product development will be completed with high quality and high efficiency
1. Customer's design requirements 2. We assess the price 3. Customer confirms the price 4. Sign the contract and pay the advance payment 5. Make engineering design drawings
6. The customer confirms that the picture is correct 7. Start processing and production after engineering drawings 8. Finished product processing 9. Customer confirmation 10. Ship with the balance payment
1. Customers provide product pictures 2. We assess the price 3. Customer confirms the price 4. Sign the contract and pay the advance payment 5. Project drawings and start processing
6. Customer confirmation 7. Delivery with the balance payment

Custom case

  • KVM Rackmount Chassis

  • IPC-212S server chassis

  • IPC-201 wall-mounted industrial control chassis

  • IPC-4 slot wall-mounted industrial control chassis

  • IPC-2U430 superior chassis

  • IPC-2.5U450 Rackmount Chassis

OEM/ODM customized hotline:

+86 769-8222 1669
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