​What do you have to master common sense when maintaining industrial server chassis?

What do you have to master common sense when maintaining industrial server chassis?

1. Unsuitable environmental humidity: Industrial server chassis is an integrated circuit composed of many electronic components, and its dielectric strength is very closely related to environmental humidity. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause the circuit board to be short-circuited and burned; if the humidity is too low, it is easy to cause static electricity and will continue to cause some electronic components to malfunction.

Therefore, if the humidity is too low, it is a potential threat to industrial computers. Electrostatic safety protection stipulates that we have excellent instrument grounding on industrial computers.

2. There are a lot of inhalable particles in the air: most of the raw materials in the factory must be produced and processed with powder. In addition, the total flow of outdoor gas is large, and there is a lot of wind and sand. A lot of sticky dust is easy to accumulate inside the industrial computer, which causes the internal temperature of the industrial server chassis to be too high and the hardware is destroyed.


Such situations often occur around fans such as CPUs, power supplies, hard drives, and graphics cards. In areas where dust is lighter, and under conditions permitted by normal manufacturing, you can choose to discharge dust on time. For sites with serious dust accumulation, dust filters can be placed in the industrial server chassis in a cool place and cleaned up on time.


3. The power supply voltage fluctuates greatly and is easy to break: With the development trend of industry and the improvement of living standards, the demand for electricity consumption is also increasing. Some remote areas are prone to insufficient power supply and unstable voltage. Therefore, the industrial server chassis is often restarted, and the key log files of the system are easily lost, resulting in unsuccessful normal startup.


Therefore, the reliability of the power supply in the office environment of the industrial computer is immediately related to whether the industrial server chassis can work normally. Choose stabilized power supply and UPS uninterruptible power supply for maintenance. The actual equipment model selection should be based on the load output power and the required working hours.


Fourth, the road vibration is large: Many factories require motors to cause physical displacement such as drag and vibration, which not only generates great noise, but also causes great damage to the industrial server chassis, optical disk drives and floppy disk drives when the equipment is working.

Disk production technology is getting higher and higher. In many data exchanges of fully automatic control systems, long-running and fast-speed disks are prone to vibration, resulting in reduced disk read and write capabilities, slow tape drive positioning, and even destruction of disks. Therefore, it is beneficial to reduce vibration in industrial computer environments. To maintain the disk.


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