​The custom-made server chassis manufacturers tell you the advantages of the cooling fan of the server chassis!

The custom-made server chassis manufacturers tell you the advantages of the cooling fan of the server chassis!

1. The server chassis material has good heat dissipation

In order to ensure the reliable work of the server, the natural working environment of the server is generally boring and cool. In order to meet this requirement, the selection of the server chassis was negligent. Generally, the case of PC applications is made of steel plate, and the materials used in server case are generally two kinds-all aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles.

However, it is also effective to use steel as a material. Naturally the best is the case of magnesium-aluminum alloy, but there are not too many customers. In summer, in an air-conditioned room where the indoor temperature is around 23°C, the cabinet made of all-aluminum materials will feel as cool as a bottle of refrigerated Coke. Naturally, if it is made of magnesium aluminum alloy, the effect may be very good.


2. There are many fan positions reserved for server chassis.


Because the frequency of the CPU used by the server is generally high, some are still dual CPUs or multiple CPUs, coupled with high-speed rotating SCSI hard disks (naturally more than one) and high-power resistors, the heat generated by this component is generally very large. As a result, the gas warms rapidly. Can the hot air be expelled quickly and reasonably will be a necessary condition for the server to work steadily.


In a general PC case, there are two or three cooling fan openings, which are located inside the back partition and the back partition. The server chassis requires a large number of exhaust vents, and each exhaust vent carries out heat dissipation for different heat sources in the system. Under normal circumstances, there are two exhaust vents on both sides of the chassis, during which one is outlined around the hard disk tray, and there is a reserved large-scale electric fan on the other side of the hard disk tray inside the chassis. Customers can install the fan pair independently The hard drive carries out a blower to cool down (Figure 1).


Another air outlet is outlined at the top of the expansion slot direction of the system. In this direction, the manufacturer reserves an electric fan position. This air outlet is mainly used to dissipate heat from the expansion card of the system. The electric fan of the device is integrated with the rotating partition board, which is very convenient for loading and unloading. The electric fan of the customer can be installed without using screws.


3.the server chassis ventilation system is outstanding


In order to achieve the effect of heat dissipation, apart from installing several electric fans in the server case, the heat dissipation system in the case is also extraordinary. Under normal circumstances, there are two electric fan positions on the back of the server case (Figure 2), which can provide us with two electric fans.


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